Unpublished work

The following work, authored by David Turton, is currently unpublished. It is likely to be in the hands of publishers as you read this so please get in touch if you are interested in these pieces.

  • Spice City (Short Story)

An apocalyptic dystopian tale, based on the real proliferation of the zombie-like drug ‘Spice’ in Manchester, England. The story centres around a journalist who gains access to a city that has been placed under martial law due to the huge spread of Spice addiction amongst its residents.  He discovers that there is more to the outbreak than he realised.

  • It Emerges at Midnight (Flash Fiction)

The 517 word story focuses on a moment in time on a deserted English heath, as an unspeakable horror rises from the earth to feed on an unfortunate couple.

  • The Electric Creep (Short Story)

A woman is found dead in her bath, an apparent suicide. But a webcam found at the scene may reveal something more sinister – and supernatural – at work.


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