Published work

The following is a list of work authored by David Turton that is available to read online or via purchasing an anthology or magazine. Please get in touch if you would like any more information about this work, or if you are interested in reprinting any of these stories.

Unpublished Stories still available

Ask me if you want to read or publish any of the following stories:

  • In the Blood – a family work out their domestic troubles while battling the zombie apocalypse
  • The Electric Creep – a woman buys a second-hand webcam and soon finds herself with a terrifying night-time visitor
  • The Albatross and the Cambrio Cigarette – a private investigator is called to find out who killed an American Businessman who was about to buy a London Theatre. His investigation leads him to the Albatross Theatre and a mysterious ciigarette brand.
  • Spice City – a journalist gains access to a city that has been placed under martial law due to the huge spread of ‘Spice’ – a drug that effectively turns its users into zombies –  addiction amongst its residents.
  • The Reclamation – a woman survives against the odds in a ruined coastal town, after mysterious creatures devour everything around her.
  • Sequestration – A soldier guards a coastal wall in a future version of England that has completely segregated itself from the rest of the world. A girl approaches in a boat, leaving the soldier with a moral dilemma.

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