Speculative Fiction Author Morgan Crooks endorses ‘The Malaise’

Morgan Crooks, a writer of speculative fiction, has provided a fantastic endorsement for my forthcoming post-apocalyptic novel The Malaise.

Morgan, who I shared a contents page with in Gehenna and Hinnom’s Transhuman Anthology in 2017 (his story Machinery of Ghosts is well worth checking out), said:

One day the world falls apart. That’s the set-up for David Turton’s thrill-ride post-apocalyptic novel The Malaise, but also a reoccurring theme behind each event in the story. All the glittering promise of our bleeding-edge present disintegrates in a single day of terror and blood. The Malaise pulls the reader in from the first signs of onrushing disaster to the somber but still dangerous aftermath. In terms of genre, Turton flows smoothly through a variety of styles, mixing zombie horror, near-future technological speculation, to a coming-of-age story set in a haunted landscape of Britain shorn of most of its population. While evoking the pleasantly meandering digressions of Earth Abides and the gruesome terror of World War Z, Turton finds his own solemn, ruminative voice for this story. Recommended for fans of near-future dystopia literature and zombie survival novels.

You can find out about Morgan Crooks’ writing on his website or by following him on Twitter.

Read an excerpt of The Malaise by downloading my free ebook in advance of its release in late 2018.


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