Bestselling author praises ‘The Malaise’

David Beers, author of The Singularity series of novels, has given a big thumbs up to my post-apocalyptic novel The Malaise, which is due to be published towards the end of 2018.

David, who received an advance review copy of the novel, said:

The Malaise is a world I don’t want to enter, but one I think we might be heading to. A techno class that knows how our world should work, and is determined to give us exactly what they think we want. Only, like with all false gods, mistakes are made … and death ensues.
Turton shows a world destroyed, but encapsulates the human spirit in the tiny group that bands together. He writes vivid horror scenes, and touching moments of humanity at its best. The Malaise will keep you turning page after page, racing to get to the ending, and all the while hoping the technology giants of today don’t throw us into his horror of tomorrow.
You can read a special preview of The Malaise as part of a free ebook, which also contains three short horror stories.
David Beers is an Amazon best selling writer, with over 25 novels to his name. He writes thriller, horror, and sci-fi books in Atlanta, Georgia.
Find out more about David and his work on the following channels:

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